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Freeze-dried cod sashimi

Object for Feeding:

For dog & cat

Raw Material Composition:


Coarse Fibre:


Crude Protein:


Coarse Ash Content:


Crude Fat:




Selling Point

1. Cod is rich in fish oil and protein;

2. Cod is low in fat, which is not easy to cause obesity in cats and dogs.

3. Cod is rich in omega-3s, which help protect eyesight and create beautiful hair, making the hair of cats and dogs smoother and smoother.

Why Choose Us?

Company that uses high quality (organic, wild caught,free range,grass fed) ingredients and focus on keeping them in their recognizable form. 

We offer single ingredient, freeze dried raw dog and cat treats as well as dog food with high protein kibble and freeze dried raw treats mixed in.Our products are holistic and GMO free as Love pet maintains strict standards of quality control. All meat and fish used in our formulasare passed fit for human consumption. All of our products are corn,wheat,and soy free.

Love pet uses an artisanal production, allowing for small batches and a slow cook.We want our customers to See the Difference.Real Ingredients with Real Health Benefits.