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What is freeze-drying?

2022-12-20 by lovepet

Freeze-drying is a vacuum freeze-drying product that allows water to sublimate into a gas by operating at a low temperature in a vacuum environment. In order to retain the nutrients and aroma of the ingredients

What are the benefits of freeze-drying?

2022-12-20 by lovepet

Strong palatability, the original flavor of meat can make pets more like. The freeze-drying structure allows it to return to fresh ingredients immediately after rehydration. Light volume, then carry out to feed. With a long shelf life, dehydration allows freeze-drying to insulate microbes and bacteria.

What pets are suitable for freeze-drying?

2022-12-20 by lovepet

Freeze-drying is suitable for pets over three months old. After three months, pets can be fed a small amount, according to the pet stomach, food intake, body size, preferences to increase the amount.

How to eat freeze-dry?

2022-12-20 by lovepet

Break it up and mix it with staple foods or give it to your pet as a treat. Or ground it into powder and soak it in water

Is it suitable for long-term consumption?

2022-12-20 by lovepet

Even pets can get tired of eating a single food every day, so feed them according to your own conditions. Long-term feeding is OK, pay attention to the amount of feeding, so as to avoid picky pets.

Benefits of seafood for pets

2022-12-20 by lovepet

In addition to a large amount of terrestrial protein such as cow and chicken on the staple food, it is also essential to consume Marine specific protein from seafood. Fish's properties are high in protein, low in fat and preferred for a healthy diet. A pet's life is complete with fish and meat.

How to tell the difference between good and bad freeze-drying pets

2022-12-20 by lovepet

Good freeze-drying will have the following characteristics
Look: Cut neatly, meat fibers clearly visible, close to the color of the meat itself
Tear: Can tear into strips along the fleshy fibers
Pinch: After rehydration can restore the texture of fresh meat, pinch up elastic.

The benefits of freeze-drying feeding

2022-12-20 by lovepet

Can stimulate the pet's appetite. It has a similar effect to brushing your teeth, helps with your pet's oral hygiene, and can also be used as a reward pet snack. Rehydration can make pets drink more water.